CSD Services
2401 W Parkwood
Suite B

Friendswood, Tx  77546

Our Systems & Resources

Technology Philosophy

CSD Services maintains and manages it's own
infrastructure and systems, thereby ensuring quick
response and limited downtime in the event of any
system issues or failures.

Our network is currently Gigabit Ethernet with
expandable capacity as GB Ethernet matures
and we currently have a 10MB internet connection
expandable to 50MB.

CSD Services also has it's own backup generator
in the event of a major power interruption, such as
occured after Hurricane Ike. While others were
still drying out and digging out, we were fully
operational within 2 hours the next morning.

With dual system backups and a branch
in Lubbock, Tx, business continuity through
relocation is also part of our disaster recovery plan.



2TB File Server, FTP Server, SQL Server,


64Bit, 3GHz, i7 Processor
16GB Ram
Windows 7

Detailing Software

Tekla Structures (X-Steel)